Photo Credit: PicaPica.PL
Lumiere Bridal Collection – Photo Credit: PicaPica.PL

We’re so pleased to unveil our hot new styles for the season! Parade has an incredible selection of exciting and exquisite jewelry- from our amazing Lumiere bridal collection with rose cut diamonds, to incredible (and surprisingly affordable) color, fashion and bridal styles!


Lumiere Bridal Collection
Lumiere Bridal Collection LMBR3982, LMBD4461A, Parade in Fashion BD4467A

In the Lumiere Bridal Collection, rose cut diamonds are so exciting in delicate, artistic settings with sparkling white diamonds and textured shades of 18k gold. From marvelous clusters and halos to tapered baguettes and sweet stackable bands, this collection is delightfully enchanting! See more of these sparklers here.


Lyria Bridal Collection
Lyria Bridal Collection R4494, R4495

These fascinating floral inspired engagement rings from the Lyria Bridal Collection are completely captivating! Diamond studded blossoms and twisted vines beautifully accent center stones- and are great for all budgets. See more of this stunning collection here.


Reverie Collection R4382, Parade in Color R4402 & R4404

Brand new, super saturated colored gemstones and fancy colored diamond styles are here! These incredible yet simple styles with sapphires and morganites pack a big impact (at amazing price points).


Parade in Fashion N4516A-Name

Customized name necklaces are here! These are the perfect gift for friends and family- especially those with unusual names. See more information here – or get yours started today at your local Parade retailer! Find them  on our locator here.