“We strive to create innovative, exceptional jewelry that can be treasured for generations.”

Based in California, Parade Design creates extraordinary and intricate bridal, color and fine fashion jewelry. We pride ourselves on the finest craftsmanship and materials, elevating diverse designs to award-winning perfection.

Designer Bio

Parade Design was founded in 2001 by second generation jewelers Allen & William Pung.  Growing up in the jewelry business, the brothers inherited a keen eye for high quality gemstones and design, and together have created one of the most dynamic design teams in the industry.

As Parade’s CEO, Allen Pung is a dedicated visionary, immersed in every aspect of the business from design to production.  Allen’s personal touch reaches every piece of Parade produced jewelry, including hand selection of all gemstones for his innovative Reverie Collection.

William Pung, Vice President of Marketing, conceptualizes marketing strategies and is also intensely involved with product design and development. The creator of Parade’s Signature Lyria Crown, William works closely with the design and CAD teams to refine each style.

Parade’s award winning designs emanate from the combined strengths, determination and artistic sensibilities of the two brothers. Allen prefers sleek, clean lines and elegant styling, perfectly balancing William’s inclination for complex, adventurous designs that make harmonious use of negative space. Each style is elevated with constructive reviews and improving details, creating diverse designs that are extraordinarily beautiful. While constantly pushing for inventive designs, the Parade Design team produces outstanding jewelry with impeccable techniques and extraordinary materials.