The Parade Design warranty applies to products for one year from the date of purchase. Each product must display a Parade trademark stamp and without any such indicator, Parade shall treat such product as an unauthorized copy and our warranty will not be honored.

Any defect in materials should be brought to the attention of our customer service department immediately and no later than 30 days from the date of purchase. All defects will be repaired free of charge within the first 30 days.
After 30 days and up to one year from the date of purchase, please contact Parade Design to submit your product for repair. This one year warranty is limited to the repair and/or replacement, at our discretion, of defective parts. This applies only to components of your jewelry that were manufactured by Parade Designs, Inc. and does not apply to any diamonds or precious stones not provided by us. The warranty does not apply to jewelry damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, alteration, neglect or ordinary wear and tear. Settings designed with micro-prongs must be worn with extra care as they are more delicate in nature and diamonds may loosen over time. Upon examination, if we feel that extra care was not taken, we are not obligated to honor the warranty.

This warranty is void if the item has been repaired, tampered with, and/or worked on by any party other than Parade Designs, Inc. or if the product forwarded to Parade was not manufactured by Parade Design. A Parade Design ring should only be resized to a maximum of ½ size smaller or larger than the original size, excluding eternity styles which cannot be resized. We strongly recommend ordering the correct size to avoid any problems with your ring.

You may contact Parade Design directly after the expiration of the one year warranty, and we will repair and replace any missing diamonds for a minimal charge.

Please authenticate your purchase within 30 days, in order to claim your limited warranty.