From the shining gleam of high polished gold to the dazzling shimmer of diamonds, all Parade pieces may be customized for your own discerning eye (and preferred level of sparkle)! These new Lyria Leaf necklaces were customized to feature a single line of shimmering diamonds in gleaming 18 karat gold, for a subtle and beautiful change from the original all-diamond version.

Envisioning a little change in one of Parade’s designs?  See your local Parade retailer to discuss customization options for your favorite Parade pieces and exercise your imagination! Transform twinkling diamond lines into glowing gold, or combine the halo of one ring with the band of another for a Parade style that is all your own.

See the original Lyria Leaf necklace below, with more details here: Lyria Leaves Necklace N3256n3256a-v2